Car Shipping

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Before making a definite decision to take your motor vehicle, we recommend that you check with the Embassy/High Commission of the Country to which you are moving and ascertain whether there are any specific designs/safety regulations to which your vehicle must comply, also whether there are any import restrictions.

In most countries as a British Emigrant, you can purchase a new car free of car tax and VAT, but the vehicle has to be exported within 6 months of purchase and this may result in you losing Duty concessions available from your country of destination.

Acorn Movers offers “Vehicle information Sheet” to many countries which advises you of the duty concessions costs and various means of shipment. i.e, shard container, solense container, Roll on Roll off, etc. Please request a copy

Full container Car and House Hold Removals

One of the services offered by Acorn Movers which has proved very successful is a full container containing your car and your household effects. This service can be completed at your residence by us utilizing our specially constructed car ramps and loading procedure.

Our removal estimator will give you professional advice regarding the savings that can be made by using our movers and packers service.

There are a variety of methods available for shipping cars, motorcycles and other vehicles including Roll on Roll off, crating and containerization. So please advise us on the make and model of your vehicle and your proposed destination and we will be pleased to send you a written quotation plus any information we have on file.